Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Word of Thanks


I've been reviewing the stats on this blog and have been pleasantly surprised by what I see. In the four years I've been sporadically posting, I've had over 11,000 page views. I'm sure some of those hits were bots or misdirected clicks, but according to Google, most came from Facebook, Twitter, or direct searches for my name or Achilleshealed. I don't have a Twitter account, so that means other people posted a link to one of my posts on their feeds, and that's cool. Maybe I should be Tweeting?

The post that garnered the most views is about dealing with disabilities as a married couple and is titled "What Happened to My Wife?" Number two is the moody tribute I wrote to our old green Dodge, "Ode to a Dead Van."

Not many people leave comments, which to me is fine because I don't need to moderate any discussion! I know you're visiting...

And to all who have dropped by to do some reading, thanks! Thanks for investing a few minutes of your day. I hope what I wrote encouraged you or entertained you. I appreciate your time and interest.

As I continue with this little project, I pray God is honored by it; I hope more and more my love for Jesus is evident as I continue to seek real joy in Him and chronicle some of that pursuit here.

I've got a list of topics yet to come, and a ton of things that I find wonderfully interesting (and yes, I realize I have failed terribly at writing about food [he says in a pathetic run-on sentence]) and I've got a few other permanent pages to post, so I'll keep at it.

Again, thank you all!