Friday, November 20, 2015

Concerning Refugees

Thoughts about Refugees

I agree – it’s dangerous to allow the Syrian refugees entrance into our country.

I agree – it’s almost certain we would be opening our doors to radicalized Muslims who would eventually harm, maim, and kill our citizens.

I agree – one of the government’s key roles is the protection of the citizenry.

I agree – it will be nearly impossible to properly examine all refugees in a way that guarantees the safety of our people.

I agree – the surrounding nations should be absorbing these spiritual, geopolitical, and racial “next-of-kin.”

I agree – our nation’s leadership cannot be trusted to do the right thing; they are corrupt and bent on pursuing party/personal agenda.

But, but, but…

As Christians, we need our conversation to reflect more than the statistical probability of terrorists arriving on our shores.

I’m thinking about the good Samaritan.
  • He cared for an enemy, and had no promise the victim wouldn’t scorn him down the road.
  • He cared for a victim who was abandoned by his own kind.
  • He covered the significant expense without expecting a return.
  • He was commended by Christ for showing genuine love to a neighbor.

Again, these truths need to be part of the conversation we have as believers. Compassion demands it, if not simple obedience to our Lord.

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