Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Word pt. 2: Breathe on Me Breath of God

Following the Sandy Hook shootings, I was mesmerized by the media's response. For days, the events were reviewed and discussed and bemoaned; it was as if the entire nation had taken a moral punch to the gut that left us dazed and out of breath. The question “How could this happen?” was asked in so many times and ways it clearly revealed an amazing depth to our corporate cluelessness.

As I listened to the radio and watched the news, I wondered how well God would be welcomed to come and speak to the issue. Would CNN give Him the mic, or Fox News break with all other programs to cover a press conference with God? And how diligently would His every word be analyzed? What if the One who knew all things from all perspectives with all wisdom spoke to us in our time of need?

But that's just it: He HAS spoken to us. Highest on the list of the Bible's self-claims is this one:

“All scripture is God-breathed” (II Timothy 3:16)

The words in the Word flowed out from God who specifically chose them—or better yet, created them—to express truth with certainty and clarity. God spoke them. That's the claim: “Thus saith the Lord!” and thus in actual print we see the actual words with actual meanings given to specific people in particular contexts that can be clearly know.

Think about it: we have in our possession the very thoughts of God—His specific words. We know what He thinks. We have it in print.

Would that we apply the same analysis to His words that we might apply to a speech by the president or the head of the Federal Reserve. In that context, we would pay attention to every nuance. Don't the words of God deserve that same kind of careful concern, especially in light of specific events that call for His wisdom?

And shouldn't the church live to unabashedly declare both the words and their ramifications for our world? We have become too apologetic. We hold in our hands the very words of God. 

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