Thursday, January 31, 2013


What a day I had Wednesday! And Monday and Tuesday! Someone should have told me it would be so much fun turning 49.

Monday night was our dinner at Benihana. I had a birthday coupon which they gladly honored and it fully covered my filet mignon and scallops. Yes! I am always amazed at how good the fare is when cooked fresh and simply.

Then Tuesday night all the family was home for carnitas and birthday cake and presents and Apples to Apples and I was worn out celebrating by 9:00.

And Wednesday morning, the actual birthday, I walked into the band room to find this:

The students who stayed late on Tuesday decorated with streamers and banners and writing all over the marker board and balloons on the floor. There was so much stuff floating around, it set off the alarm when the heater came on and and the breeze put it all in motion (I found this out later from the custodian). All day long my students celebrated by singing to me and congratulating me and posting all over my Facebook page.

When I travelled over to Bear River to work with a class of fourth grader (Mrs. Selken's class) they greeted me with a specially written Happy Birthday song and a whole stack of birthday cards.  Here are some quotes:

"Happy Birthday mr. Achilles thank you fo teching us music."
"I hope you have a wonderfull birthday you do somuch things for us and thankyou you are the best Music teacher e v e r  s o  h a v e  a n AWESOME birtday!"
"Happy Birthaday you are a graet theacher." 
 "Dear Mr. Achilles, I like you as my music teacher I like your music it is nice it sounds nice."
 "You have been the best music theacher ever. you tought me many things. you are off the wall!"
"Happy Birthday! Your an awesome music teacher :) Your a good music teacher. Your very funny. You always make me laugh. Its funny when you make funny faces  :P  have a awesome day mr. Achillies!"
"Happy B-day. I hope you had a good one and thank you for teaching me music. I have a lot of fun in your class and I have a question. How old are you turning? You could tell me at class. By the way, im Kaycie, female, your student."
Well Kaycie, I'm 49, but thanks to you and your class I feel like I'm a very happy 49, and all your notes and well-wishes truly warmed my heart.

To be honest, this is the first birthday in years I felt like celebrating. God has been so good to me to surround me with people who care for me and love me and accept me. I am most blessed.

At this rate, I can't wait for 50 to roll around.

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  1. How wonderful Jim! I'm always blessed to see how much you are loved by your students and family. Glad you had a great day.