Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Kind of Preacher

I read this about Stephen Charnok, a minister who lived in the 1600s and is famous for his work, "The Existence and Attributes of God" --

He was not content, like many, with the mere reputation of being a recluse; on the contrary, he was set on bringing forth the fruits of a hard student. There was always one day in the week in which he made it appear that the others were not misspent. His Sabbath ministrations were not the loose vapid effusions of a few hours' careless preparation, but were rather the substantial, well-arranged, well-compacted products of much intense thought and deep cogitation. "Had he been less in his study," says his editors quaintly, "he would have been less liked in the pulpit."
I want to be that kind of preacher.

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